Wednesday, 31 August 2011

10. Dear Beca.

I think you might be reading this today sorry for the gay card and that well basically I did this blog because I can make a blog look waay nicer than an email and I can post more pics on a blog than on an email don't read the first few posts they are really gay but ye I wanted to tell you everything I do through this blog and show you how I'm doing and stuff  and I can put up loads of pictures so you can perve and observe me naha ha ha ha so i hope you enjoy this blog and enjoy malawi so much don't be nervous you will be faaabulous out there so ye enjoy darling;D mwah x.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

9. The Good in Goodbye.

I'm saying good bye to Beca tomorrow which will be horrible because she is the best and closest person to me ever.She is has taught me a lot about myself and is always honest with me and is always there to make me laugh when I'm  upset or to help me out in whatever dozy stupid situation I have managed to get myself into.She is the best kind of person I could think of and will be my best friend hopefully for years to come because I love her lots and lots and I hope she has the best time in Malawi and that no lions eat her.It will be hard without her but it's only for a year and I know she's coming back after and I will always have contact with her and she can see everything I'm doing through this blog so she will always be with me but i will still miss her a lot because she is my Ed Westwick in chalet girl or my Fred in Breakfast at Tiffany's she is AMAZING and I hope she has the best year of her life  ;)Love you lots Beca mwah x.


8. You know I'll never Fade away.

I LOVE this song the words are so gorgeous, It's from a new band called Spector and their songs are lovely, I'm going to try and see them live when I move down to London so enjoy this beautiful song :D mwah x.

7. A delay is to impede the process of progress,

Sorry I have been away for quite a while as my laptop decided to have a mental breakdown and die on me so nearly all links to the internet were cut off from me, which was a bit refreshing as it meant I had to look at other ways to entertain myself, instead of just clicking refresh on my facebook homepage and waiting on the Sartorialist blog to create a new post. This meant that I mostly turned to books as I've now read the entire shopaholic series by Sophie kinsella and have realised that I may have a shopping problem myself but I definitely rediscovered my love of reading, even if they are chick flick books but I'm trying to train my brain into reading more unique books that are a bit different, and as Beca has come to my rescue and given me half a library of amazing books I can't waaait to start reading naha ha aha ha book geek here I come. mwah x.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

6. Dance is the art form that communicates through the body.

You wanted to Dance? Yes? Dancing makes you feel sexy and amazing even when your having the mean reds (Breakfast at Tiffanys reference) it can relax your troubled shoulders and make you feel amazing.Don'y ever feel embarrassed dancing because everyone has there own way of dancing darling so enjoy this sweet dancing song and more will follow of course darling. Mwah x. p.s. make sure you turn the volume up loud it makes you feel good.

5.It takes forty three face muscles to frown but only seventeen to smile.

Summer just generally can make me smile mostly because its sunny and gorgeus also because my birthday is in the summer and everything come to life and looks magnificent especially if your in the countryside everything looks truly beautiful it also means BEACH TIME and plenty of tanning time. I've had an amazing summer this year i went to Benicassim festival in Spain (  with my two Best Friends.Benicassim is definitely the most amazing festival you will ever experience, you will come back a different person. I met so many lovely people out there the music was also amazing from seeing friendly fires at like 3 in the morning to Arcade Fire and the Arctic Monkeys they were all super amazing .The weather was beautiful and the Spanish people love to party, so it was all super fun.  But I also learnt a lot about myself and a few things that I do need to work on like i think i need to smile more, because I don't mean to but sometimes my face will fall into this natural frown and then people are either scared or just think I'm moody, when I'm actually feeling ok and so I am officially on a frown ban and its smiles all the way:D But i don't mean annoying smiles i just mean a nice smile, yanno that keeps you happy content and stops people thinking your moody cow. I love watching things that make me smile one is this really cute french video which i found ages ago and is super cute and it just kinda makes me smile yanno so smile more darlings it will make your day and make you look super confident and sexy :D Mwah x.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

4.The earliest recorded 'newspaper' appeared back in 59 B.C.

The newspaper is a wealth of information of course some of it interesting, some of its ridiculous (uhum news of the world) BUT daaaarling there is a new revolution in the land of printed newspaper...... NEWSPAPER NAILS OF COURSE get all the latest news printed right onto your nails, just joking but ye newspaper nails are very cool and creative and super easy to create and the end result looks like you went to a mega posh salon and got it done when you didnt mwha ha ha but hey who has to know? It's super super easy and saves you some dosh in case you spent the last of your money on some wonderful clothes and now find yourself skint until the next payday but are in desperate need of dressing your naked nails and here are some instructions :D
1) Paint your nails with base coat and then a light colour. If you want something subdued, I used cyclone by Topshop.

2) Cut out ten pieces of newspaper big enough to cover each one of your nails.

3) Pour a tiny bit of surgical spirit into an old dish and then dip your fingers in it, one at a time, so that the your whole nail is submerged.

4) Place one of your newspaper cuttings text side down on top of your nail. You may want to use tweezers if you don't have steady hands! 

5) Hold it down for a few seconds so the writing transfers onto your nail and then peel it off. And then repeat for every nail!  

5) Add a coat of clear nail varnish to keep it there for longer. 
So easy darling Your Nails will make the HEADLINES ;D sorry had to say it.

Your nails will look so Beau :O
Mwah x.