Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2.Malawi is known as the 'Warm Heart Of Africa'.

 On September the 1st My best friend Beca is going to Malawi for a year to teach in one of the schools in Malawi.Saying goodbye will be very hard, I know she will still be there thanks to the magic of internet and emails but its still horrible to say goodbye to something that you care about, and you get so used to them being there. Shes the reason I've created this blog so that i can show her everything I'm doing in London because she wants me to have the max amount of fun possible in London, so this is kinda my way of sharing everything with her.I haven't told her but I've been looking up malawi and every site calls it the 'warm heart of Africa' because the people there are meant to be so friendly and lovely so that's made me feel a little better about it, because i know that she will have an amazing time out there, and come back with amazing stories for me.Saying goodbye to anything is horrible like I know clothes are just a material and our ancestors lived without them blah blah blah but at the same time they do have some meaning to them, like i have to clear through my wardrobe because as any other woman I have waaaay too many clothes some i probably haven't worn in a longtime but then when you start go through them you suddenly start to think of the memories and stories you have in those clothes like I have a stripy dress which I haven't worn for years but i had my first proper kiss in it, so I kept it even though I wouldn't wear it again because its old and not anything special and then you think oh well I might as well keep it as it might come back into fashion next season or you think well I could chop it up and use it to make a top or a dress, and then I end up sitting there for two hours and I reaslise in fact all I've done is gone through my wardrobe and reminisced about when I wore the clothes. I actually haven't got rid of any of them .I think i need a Mary Poppins suitcase so i can just take my whole bedroom with me in one suitcase down to London, because I know as soon as I've gone my mum is gutting my room, and probably turning it into a sewing room or something pointless, so everything will go .So i need to be callous and just be honest and say I don't need these things, it would be much easier if i didn't emotionally attach myself to EVERYTHING IN MY ROOM. I think i shall drink some Rose and just put myself head first into clearing my wardrobe otherwise it shall never be done  and alcohol is menna numb your feelings so should make the task easier mwha ha ha ha have a lovely day Darling Mwah x.

Beca on the left and me on the right (we are not alci's i promise)  
                                                           My hopeless wardrobe
                                                           I need this womans Bag -_-

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