Monday, 1 August 2011

1. The Hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.

Did you know that the hummingbird was so lonely in its talents? I didn't even think it possible for a bird to fly backwards but no the little hummingbird has mastered such a trick, it started making me think about things in reverse, like i have a vintage lace top which buttons up at the back so i put it on in reverse and suddenly it was a brand new top almost like a lace shirt .This idea of putting things in reverse has added a whole new spectrum to my wardrobe which i never knew that i could do before (but obvs remember to take the label off first and don't pick a stupid top to do it with).We don't really think about things in other ways do way like i pass this building almost everyday of my life and i never look at it its just there and I'm so used to it it now blends to the scenery, but when i actually look at it i suddenly notice things that i never saw before and i think how did i miss that every single day? This is one thing i am attempting to do is actually look at things properly so that i take everything in.My name is Annie and in September i am moving down to London town: Population 8,278,251  to study fashion I am moving from a tiny welsh village called Benllech : Population 3408 .Am i scared?A little bit .But SUPER excited Darling. Mwah x.


I thought this hummingbird looked really proud.

Gotta love a bit of London.


  1. its cool. ckech out mine:

  2. I wish you luck in London Annie. You seem like a proverbial sweetheart.