Wednesday, 3 August 2011

5.It takes forty three face muscles to frown but only seventeen to smile.

Summer just generally can make me smile mostly because its sunny and gorgeus also because my birthday is in the summer and everything come to life and looks magnificent especially if your in the countryside everything looks truly beautiful it also means BEACH TIME and plenty of tanning time. I've had an amazing summer this year i went to Benicassim festival in Spain (  with my two Best Friends.Benicassim is definitely the most amazing festival you will ever experience, you will come back a different person. I met so many lovely people out there the music was also amazing from seeing friendly fires at like 3 in the morning to Arcade Fire and the Arctic Monkeys they were all super amazing .The weather was beautiful and the Spanish people love to party, so it was all super fun.  But I also learnt a lot about myself and a few things that I do need to work on like i think i need to smile more, because I don't mean to but sometimes my face will fall into this natural frown and then people are either scared or just think I'm moody, when I'm actually feeling ok and so I am officially on a frown ban and its smiles all the way:D But i don't mean annoying smiles i just mean a nice smile, yanno that keeps you happy content and stops people thinking your moody cow. I love watching things that make me smile one is this really cute french video which i found ages ago and is super cute and it just kinda makes me smile yanno so smile more darlings it will make your day and make you look super confident and sexy :D Mwah x.

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