Tuesday, 30 August 2011

7. A delay is to impede the process of progress,

Sorry I have been away for quite a while as my laptop decided to have a mental breakdown and die on me so nearly all links to the internet were cut off from me, which was a bit refreshing as it meant I had to look at other ways to entertain myself, instead of just clicking refresh on my facebook homepage and waiting on the Sartorialist blog to create a new post. This meant that I mostly turned to books as I've now read the entire shopaholic series by Sophie kinsella and have realised that I may have a shopping problem myself but I definitely rediscovered my love of reading, even if they are chick flick books but I'm trying to train my brain into reading more unique books that are a bit different, and as Beca has come to my rescue and given me half a library of amazing books I can't waaait to start reading naha ha aha ha book geek here I come. mwah x.

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